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English & van Horne is experienced in all forms of US Resident Alien ("Green Card") status. We are willing to discuss these immigration options as they relate your particular case.

There are five methods to secure US Resident Alien status. These categories are summarized below:

1. Family Sponsorship

A US citizen or Resident Alien family member can sponsor a foreign national for US Resident Alien status. The relationship can be no more distant than that of a brother/sister. See our discussion of family based green cards at

2. Employment Sponsorship

A US company can sponsor a foreign national for US Resident Alien status. See our discussion of employment based immigrant visas at There is also a provision for certain religious workers.

3. Diversity Lottery

There is a Diversity Lottery program that is available to many foreign nationals. This is commonly referred to as the "green card lottery", as 55,000 Resident Alien visas are granted each year to high school graduates who meet the other requirements (no criminal issues, etc.). Foreign nationals from countries that have large US immigrant populations (Peoples Republic of China, Canada, Mexico, etc.) are excluded from this program. Contact us if you would like to know more about this process.

4. Self Sponsorship

  • A) Employment. Certain highly skilled foreign nationals can apply for Resident Alien status based upon their ability to prove that they are persons of extraordinary ability or that their work benefits and will continue to benefit the US national interest. See our general discussion of employment based immigrant visas at There is also an immigrant investor category, for persons who can prove that they have approximately $1 million of their own money (can be $500,000 in some areas), which they can put at risk in opening a new business that will create 10 or more new US jobs.
  • B) Personal. Certain foreign nationals can sponsor themselves if they can prove that they fit into one of these categories: Amerasian (person born in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Kampuchea or Thailand, whose father was a US citizen, and the foreign national was born between December 31, 1950 and October 22, 1982); a Widow/Widower (married for at least 2 years to a US citizen who has died and the alien and spouse were living together in marital union at the time of the US citizens death); and Battered or Abused Spouse or Child of a US Citizen or Resident Alien.

5. Asylum or Refugee Status

Persons who are being persecuted by their home country, and who have no other citizenship or country of permanent residence, can apply for asylum/refugee status. Applicants must generally prove that they are being persecuted by the government of their home country based on their race, religion, ethnicity, social group, or political opinion. This is a very complex field of immigration law, and requires expertise to assist persons through this category.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any of these options in more detail.

green cards
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