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In today's global economy the employment of skilled foreign professionals on a temporary or permanent basis is crucial to a business's ability to remain competitive. The United States has numerous and complex immigration laws regulating the hiring and employment of foreign employees. Even though it is widely recognized that the US must protect the domestic workforce, our government has acknowledged that certain key foreign employees in various industries are vital to our Nation's continued economic growth, and thereby provides for the employment of these workers. Congress has recognized that in the world economy a company's success is dependant on its ability to hire, and maintain a mobile international work force.

In determining to hire a key foreign national employee, an employer must ensure that it has selected the most beneficial and appropriate visa category for the foreign employee, and that it has endeavored to fully comply with US labor and immigration requirements.

Determining the most appropriate advocacy strategy for employing a foreign national is a complex judgment of legal strategies involving law, regulations, policy, procedures and processing practice. It also takes into consideration the timing required for the commencement and duration of employment, the scope of employment, geographical site of employment and the assurance of success in acquiring the employee. English & van Horne, P.C. is sensitive to the needs of employers and works closely with its corporate general counsel and Human Resource personnel to ensure that their needs for hiring and retaining foreign employees are met.

Strict employer compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) laws, immigration rules and regulations is crucial to avoiding government sanctions, including monetary penalties and sanctions against further employment of foreign nationals. For the past several years, employers have had to verify and document the work authorized status of all of their employees through the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. Ensuring that this form is completed accurately is vital in the eventuality of an immigration or DOL audit of corporate employment records. CAVEAT: Employers must be sensitive to hiring issues such as citizenship, ethnic or other prohibited factors.

Additionally, employers must ensure that they comply with the complex documentary requirements for hiring foreign nationals specified by the DOL and the US immigration.

English & van Horne, PC has assisted its corporate clients with ensuring that their corporate records comply fully with all immigration and DOL regulations. We will, upon being retained, assist with developing a comprehensive corporate compliance program.

There are numerous possible temporary visa categories, which could be appropriate for hiring a foreign national in the United States. Making the correct advocacy judgment and strategy selection, specifically which category best suits the employer and the foreign employee beneficiary and their dependents, is crucial to hiring and retaining the individual. Please refer to our general description of the most common nonimmigrant and immigrant ("Green Card") visa categories and options.

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